This is my up and coming girls page.  They are not active breeding queens.  These are young ladies who live in our house being played with and cuddled.  When they are old enough and mature enough, then and only then, they become part of my breeding program.

These girls are some home bred girls and some girls I have brought in from other breeders.  Each girl has something special to help improve the bengal or cashmere breed.  It will be interesting watching these beautiful girls grow into truly stunning young ladies. 

Towanreef Wanna Shout (Lulu) page coming soon

Towanreef Made for Me (Meea) Page coming soon

Towanreef Electric Dreams (Floofs) Page to follow

Towanreef Cover me in Sunshine Page to follow

Towanreef Wild Passion (asha) Page to follow

Towanreef Apple Strudel Page to follow

Towanreef Elderberry Wine (Winnie) Page to follow