About Us

My aim is to breed superb quality home-reared pedigree Bengal  and Cashmere kittens with delightful temperament, striking markings and excellent body type. I aim to develop the Bengal Cat breed, type and temperament, producing kittens that are socialised, with wonderful manners, to be loved as special pets or breeding queens/studs to existing breeding programmes.  I have the only uk dedicated cashmere program.  It is a very small breeding program so there may only be a litter or two in a year.   Cashmere are semi long haired bengals.  They are gorgeous with all the super bengal traits but with silky semi long hair.  The hair does not require brushing, just like the bengals.  

All my cats live at home and are our pets first and foremost. Some of my cats will be here for life after they have finished breeding.  Sometimes I keep some offspring from matings and sometimes I need to bring in new lines to bring something different into my breeding program. This of course means if I kept them all, I would have to stop breeding as I would be up to my eye balls in cats (and I don't think my hubby would be too pleased either, he is forever moving cats off his sofa as it is just now). However, while here, my cats are part of our family. All our kittens are raised in our home with my family for company! Our home environment produces well-socialised loving pets for you to take home and love. I am a hobby breeder which enables me to give all the care and attention to my cats and kittens that they need and desire.

I live in rural Aberdeenshire outside a small village north east  Aberdeenshire. I live with my husband and have two sons.  We have a few animals as well as our Bengals. I have a horse called Shaquille, one called Bracklyn, young one called Poppy and a mini shetland pony called Haggis. We also own an  assortment of chickens and ducks . And of course we have our three retired pet bengals, Paige my first snow girl and our fabulous Fearghus and Fearghus' daughter Rowan. We now have a homebred british shorthair girl called Elsie.  When I decided to stop breeding the Brits, I decided we had to keep one here as a pet. We also have a Coton de tulear x Maltese dog called Lola and Tilly, a lab x coliie  and a pug called Thistle who are all very spoiled pets.