Please often ask questions about Bengals visiting, photos, pricing, etc.  Most of your questions should be answered on the below stated link..  


If however you still have a question that needs an answer, please contact us via the contact us page, thanks.




If you would like like to go on my kitten waiting list, Please contact me, thanks. Kittens are offered to my waiting list first. 



Litters are being born now



Current kittens are now reserved. But pleaseget in touch if you wish to be added to my waiting list.  






A list of adults available will be listed in my welcome section on my home page.  If no adults listed there, I do not have any adults available at this time.  Please look at the home page for details and get in touch if you are interested.  Thank you.



Pet kittens are reserved with a £250 deposit.
Breeder kittens are reserved with a £500 deposit in the UK. 
Breeders overseas please ask for more details on reserving a kitten.

Pet kittens must be paid in full by bank transfer a week before they are neutered. 

Breeder kittens (UK) must be paid in full before collection by bank transfer.
Breeder kittens (overseas) must be paid in full at pet passport time at around 11-12 weeks by bank transfer.

For more information look at the  FAQs