Towanreef Rainy Days (Squeaks)


Squeaks is from home bred Towanreef Summer Rain x Jean-Luc.  Sadly we lost Rain not long giving birth leaving me with two wee orphans Squeaks and Mizzi.  Rain's best friend Moon gave birth on the same day and fostered the two wee orphans but Moon had her paws full with 6 of her own.  So i did bottle feeds of which ever of the eight kittens needed it till they were weaned at 7 weeks.  I was zombie like by the end of it, but Moon was a true star and raised all eight babies.  Squeaks got her name by the time she was 12 days old.  Her eyes were open , ears open, and squeaked very loudly when the lady with the milk bottle came ... the name stuck. She is whited sorrel.  Both pkdef and prab normal.   I have never been so upset loosing Rain, it hit me really hard.  But I have her  gorgeous girl Squeaks who is full of character to remind me of her every day.  Squeaks carries marble.

Towanreef Rainy Days (Squeaks)

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