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We are hobby breeders in rural Aberdeenshire, Scotland in the UK producing quality kittens raised in our family home.  We breed brown and snow (lynx, mink and sepia) bengals.  We are the only breeder in the UK with a dedicated cashmere/long haired bengal breeding program.  All our kittens are well socialised bundles of love for you to take home to their forever home. 

19th September 2021


Hello from me at Towanreef Bengals and of course all the kittens and cats here too.  I update my news here often with things that are happening in our household. We also have a facebook page called TOWANREEF BENGALS AND CASHMERES which I update regularly with photos (click on the facebook sign below to go to my page). 

We have moved house  early last year (2020) but are still in rural Aberdeenshire.   We have very slow internet at the new house.  Photos are videos are taking hours to load, lol.  But I will do my best to get photos on the website.  Customers can get videos sent through whats app instead.  Please feel free to ask for more photos or videos as i am limited what i can load onto my website with my rural internet.  I use WhatsApp with clients with great success and find that the way forward to deal with my poor internet.

Coronavirus/Covid19.....everyone is being careful to protect their loved ones during this difficult time. What I'm doing with the kittens that currently reserved is doing a small regular video/photos/text which is a lovely thing to keep. I plan to do this for all kittens until the country is fully out of rising covid cases. I am following the government recommendations and not accepting cash, so bank transfer only for deposits etc at this time. I think at this time, we all need to be careful and sensible.  i have now prepared a covid information sheet which can be found in my information section of my website.  It explains how we are currently working things during this pandemic. 

Kittens have started to arrive.  I will be offering them to my waiting list first.  If you wish to be added to the waiting list please get in touch. I am expecting silver, brown, snow lynx and snow mink bengal kittens. 

Boo x Gio babies have arrived. We have 3 gorgeous bengal kittens.  One brown rosetted girl, one brown rosetted boy and one silver rosetted boy.  Their kitten page is here. All kittens are reserved.

Jaylah and Jean-luc kittens have arrived.  We have 4 gorgeous kittens.   Two brown girls and two brown boys.    Their kitten page is here.  All kittens are now reserved. 

​​​​​​Aria x Freddie kittens have arrived.   We have two snow lynx and snow mink.  One kitten is available,  the rest of the kittens are reserved.   Kitten page coming soon.

​​​​Daryla x Freddie have one single gorgeous cashmere mink boy.   He is staying here too help with the cashmere breeding program.  

I do have a waiting list in place.  I have a priority waiting list and a standard waiting list.  The priority waiting list you pay a the standard £250 deposit to go on the waiting list.  This deposit will be taken of the final price of your kitten and you will be offered kittens first.  The standard waiting list is the non-deposit waiting list.  The priority waiting list will be offered kittens before the standard waiting list.  

You can contact me through my contact us page.   If you are interested in knowing a bit more about bengals and general information from us and more about our kittens, please look at our FAQs page and the information section of my website, thanks. 


Jaylah x jean-luc bengal kittens
(Please click on above photo to enter their page)

Jaylah x jean-luc bengal kittens AVAILABLE (Please click on above photo to enter their page)

Boo x Gio bengal kittens
Brown rosetted and silver rosetted kittens available (Please click on above photo to enter page)

Boo x Gio bengal kittens Brown rosetted and silver rosetted kittens available (Please click on above photo to enter page)



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